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FRP sheet is an important kind of engineering wall-facing material at present. It solves the defects of traditional wall- face materials, such as difficult to clear, easy to deform, difficult to be installed, poor durability and poor impact performance.
Features and performance:
Weather resistance: FRP is a kind of thermosetting high polymer with good thermal stability. Its work temperature range is between -70 centigrade to 100 centigrade.
Shock resistance: FRP sheet contains interlaced glass fiber, which increases the shock resistance greatly and avoids fracture under collision of stones and hails.
Corrosion resistance: The outside surface has a layer of high quality gel coat, which gives the product a good chemical stability to stand the corrosion of atmosphere, water and ordinary acid, alkaline and salt. So that it is very suitable to be used in placesnear the sea or areas with corrosion.
Fire retardant performance: The fire retaedant index of FRP sheet conforms to the national standard B2 level.

FRP/GRP sheet as inner and outer surface, rigid PU foam as core, interspersed with fiberglass pultrusions running laterally across the panel

1. High strength pultrusions provide a stronger, lighter and more rigid body
2. Great thermal insulation, no metal components to lose thermal efficiency
3. High gloss finish and long-term durability
4. Damage resistant and easy to repair 

Dimensions and Colours:
1. Thicknesses:30mm, 45mm, 70mm, 105mm and 130mm, or can be customized
2. Dimensions:up to 16.5m long and 3m wide
3. Colours: RAL system or as customer requests
4. Quick to assemble
5. UV and corrosion resistant
6. Long life


Mainly applied in refrigerated and insulated truck bodies and semi-trailer vans, movable and stationary portable offices and housing, oilfield special truck bodies, special communication and power truck bodies, RV vehicles, caravans and military cabinets, etc.




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