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Product Introduction:

 The PP Honeycomb Core is lightweight, green  environmental protection, waterproof and corrosion resistance and other  characteristics. PP honeycomb core can be composite with different surface  materials ( such as fiberglass steel, wood plate, aluminum plate, stainless  steel plate, marble stone plate, rubber board ) It can be large-scale  alternative to traditional materials, widely used in vans, air purification,  high iron, aerospace, boats, furniture, construction and other fields of  mobile.  
 Built-in Collecting and storing solar energy heaters with PC honeycomb run in low or high sunshine efficiency is better than vacuum heater. Solar heater with PC honeycomb run stable in winter and price is cheaper than vacuum heater, easy to match to building roof.

The honeycomb exhibits a unique cell structure. The core has 3 orientations vs. the 2 orientations common with other honeycomb, making its properties more uniform. Each cell has a tubular form and is inherently stable.

PP honeycomb is specially three dimensional structure, so it's more steady and equilibrium than other two dimensional honeycomb structure. PC honeycomb core stand by tightly to provide excellent compressive strength, besides PP honeycomb holds following characteristics, so that bring widely application in different project and fields.
 --  Lightweight stiffness strength
 --  Insulated
 --  Fire resistant  
 --  Corrosion resistant
 --  Fungi resistant
 --  Energy absorption      
 --  Excellent dielectric properties
 --  Good thermal and electric insulator  
 --  temperature -40 + 110 Celsius degree
 --  Available transparent and in colors

PP Semi-manufactured products:
 PP honeycomb, Max sheet length *Max sheet width is 3.0x1.5, meters, and normal size is 2.44*1.22m, thickness of 6mm ~ 300mm, Other size panels can also be taken into account according to your request. *

 Light Weight
 High strength to Weight Ratio
 Moisture ,Chemical, Corrosion, Smoke , and Fire Fungi Resistant
 Conductive grades available*
 Recyclable and Environment-Friendly
 No Pollution

Specific dimension, cellcore , color, tolerance, shape can be made according to clients’ request.

Regular  use:
 aperture 8mm, with non-woven (non-woven fabric with 30 - 60g/m2, 80  - 85Kg/m3 cellular density);
 conventional size 1220*2440mm, can be customized;
 the thickness of the thinner 5mm



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